How to update/edit customer addresses with additional address purposes?

28 Aug


Requirements:  Needs to update all customer addresses with a delivery purpose to also have an invoice purpose.



This job below will update every customer’s address which has purpose Delivery with additional Invoice purpose. We can extent this to update/edit vendor address as well.

staticvoid updateCustomerPostalAddresses(Args _args)
    CustTable custTable;
    DirPartyPostalAddressView   addressView;
    LogisticsPostalAddress      postalAddress;
    DirPartyLocationEntity      partyLocationEntity;
    container purposes;
    int counter;
    setPrefix("Update Customer addresses:");
    // Iterate every customer    while select * from custTable        
        setPrefix(strFmt("Customer: %1", custTable.AccountNum));
            // Iterate every addresses every customer haswhile select addressView
                where addressView.Party == custTable.Party
                if(strScan(addressView.locationRoles(), #Delivery, 1, strLen(addressView.locationRoles())))
                    if (DirPartyLocation::findByPartyLocation(addressView.Party, addressView.Location))
                        postalAddress = LogisticsPostalAddress::findByLocation(addressView.Location, true);
                        if (postalAddress.RecId > 0)
                            partyLocationEntity = DirPartyLocationEntity::construct(addressView.Party);
                            purposes = [LogisticsLocationRole::findBytype(LogisticsLocationRoleType::Invoice).RecId];
                            // Create party links
                            partyLocationEntity.createPartyLocationAssociation(purposes, addressView.IsPrimary, addressView.IsPrivate);
                            info(strFmt("Update address: %1",  addressView.Address));

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