Some functions used in X++

20 Feb

strRem Removes the characters specified in one string from another string.
str strRem(str text1, str text2) where text1 : The string from which to remove characters.text2 : The characters to exclude from the output string.


Retrieves part of a string.
str subStr(str _text, int _position, int _number)

where_text : The original string._position : The position in the original string where the part to retrieve begins.

_number : A signed integer that indicates the direction and number of positions to retrieve from the original string.
If there is a minus sign preceding _number, the system selects the substring backward from the specified position.


Creates a copy of a string with the specified substring removed.
str strDel( str _text, int _position, int _number)

where_text : The string to copy from_position : The position at which to begin ignoring characters during the copy.

_number : The number of characters to ignore.
A minus in front of _number parameter indicates that the (_number-1) characters before the character at the _position parameter are to be removed along with the character at the _position.

Formats the specified string and substitutes any occurrences of %n with the nth argument.
str strFmt(str _string, …)where _string : The strings to be formatted.

example: to set the number of page in a report :

Display STR 20 pageNum()
return StrFmt(“@SYS24160”,;

Converts a real number to a string.
str num2Str(
real number,
int character,
int decimals,
int separator1,
int separator2)where: number The real number to convert to a string.
character The minimum number of characters required in the text.
decimals The required number of decimal places.
separator1 A DecimalSeparator enumeration value.
separator2 A ThousandSeparator enumeration value.

static void Job_Num2Str(Args _args)
real realNum = 0.1294567890123456777; // 19 decimals places.
info(Num2Str(realNum,0,16,1,3)); // 16 decimals
info(Num2Str(realNum,0,17,1,3)); // 17 decimals
} Round Rounds a real number to the nearest multiple of another real number.real round(real _arg, real _decimals) _arg The original number.
_decimals The number that the value of the _arg parameter must be rounded to a multiple of.

Examples:round(123.45,5.00); //Returns the value 125.00.

round(7.45,1.05); //Returns the value 7.35.

round(23.9,5.0); //Returns the value 25.00;

round(26.1,5.0); //Returns the value 25.00;

Returns the size of a string

int strLen ( Str _text )


Retrieves a specific element from a container.

anytype conPeek(container container, int number)Example:static void conPeekExample(Args _arg)
container c;
int i;

c = conIns([“item1”, “item2”], 1);
for (i = 1 ; i {
print conPeek(c, i);


Converts all the letters in a string to uppercase.

str strUpr(str _text)

static void strUprExample(Args _args)
print strUpr(“Abcdd55EFGhiJ”);
strLwrConverts all the letters in a string to lowercase. str strLwr(str _text)
static void strLwrExample(Args _args)
// Returns the text string “abcdd55efghij”.
print strLwr(“Abcdd55EFGHIJ”);
Units We use it to set the unit of a dimension.Example :“CustInvoiceJour_InvoicingName”);, Units::mm);

Global::dateEndYr Method
Retrieves the date of the last day in the same year as the specified date.
client server public static date dateEndYr(date transDate)
Global::DateMthFwd Method
Adds the specified number of months to a date.
client server public static date DateMthFwd(date transDate, int qty)

Global::DateStartYr Method
Retrieves the first date of the specified year.
client server public static date DateStartYr (date transDate)

tableName2Id FunctionRetrieves the ID of a table.
int tableName2Id(str _name)

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